Cat litter, did you know that…

Did you know that the most common cat litter in Swedish homes today is made of a substance that forms large permanent piles in our landfills year after year, namely bentonite?

(A problem highlighted by Göteborgs-Posten earlier this year. You can read the full article here)

Bentonite is clay excreted from mountains, usually from China, Canada or Turkey. You can recognize it by its grey colour.

The clay weighs a lot and is transported long distances for your cat to perform its needs in it, only to be emptied into soups and taken to an incinerator where nothing happens.

Because it is clay, the material cannot be recycled, resulting in large piles in our recycling centers and landfills. Since it cannot decompose or be dissolved by water, it becomes a horizontal environmental villain.

It is the silica in the bentonite sand that makes it clump so effectively. The substances themselves are not harmful to the environment, but the way we consume them puts pressure on our environment.

We think this is unsustainable.

That’s why we have developed our own cat litter – corn litter. Completely free of both bentonite and silica but with the same smooth operation.

The same effective and smooth results – but sustainable.

There are some eco-friendly options on the market today but many of them do not allow you to get the same functionality as a regular cat litter. Bentonite has simply been what has worked best, until now.

The future of cat litter

Majstor corn litter is one of the most environmentally friendly options on the market. As well as being highly recyclable, it is also made from waste material – corn cobs. The cob on which the corn in your tacos has been sitting.

The cob undergoes a patented process to compress naturally absorbent corn cob into concentrated granules.

This allows it to clump better and encapsulate bad odors better than many other eco-friendly options.

In addition to its fine clumping ability, Majstor Corn litter is also 99% dust-free and weighs less than half of a normal cat litter. This makes it ideal for those who are asthmatic or those who are tired of carrying the heavy cat litter home.

The litter is produced in the EU and therefore there are no long, heavy or similarly environmentally damaging transport routes. The cat litter is naturally biodegradable and can be composted in your local compost bin.

Sustainable and functional, this is the future of cat litter.

Will eco-friendly cat litter work for my cat?

How your cat reacts to a new toilet can be difficult to answer. Cats are individuals, so you have to experiment to find what your cat likes. According to our customers, the corn litter works for 8/10 cats as it is very similar in texture. The younger they are, the easier it is to switch, so it’s smart to start with eco-friendly cat litter early.

It is high time for cat owners to switch to a more sustainable cat litter.

Right now you can get free shipping when you buy a 10-liter bag, use the code ”future tax sand” Order a bag here.