Changing feed in the right way

Is it time to change feed? This guide will help you along the way.

There are many reasons for changing feed. Everything from sensitivities and allergies, a change in energy needs, or you’ve simply found a brand that suits you better.

A change of food should be gradual to allow the dog’s stomach and its bacterial culture to get used to the new composition and to allow the dog’s digestive system to adapt to the new food at a gentle pace. Changing feed too quickly can lead to vomiting, diarrhea, gas or constipation. This is because the intestinal flora cannot get used to a new feed in a short time. It is therefore important that the change takes place gradually and over a longer period of time.

Changing feed guide
Always have fresh water available.


This is only a guide to follow. Always keep in mind that every dog is different and reacts differently to a change of food. The most important thing is to take it at the pace that works best for your dog, the longer the better.

Good luck!
Julia at Majstor