-How to protect your friend from ticks


Dogs are prone to tick bites and it’s easy to bring ticks into your home.
Therefore, it is good to use some kind of tick prevention product.

Ticks cannot fly or jump, hence they are usually found close to the ground, in leafy woodland areas,
tall grass. Here they wait for a potential host.

1. Get into the habit of always checking your dog carefully every day, in and around the ears, around the eyes,
groin and tail are common places to find ticks.

2. If you see a tick, remove it immediately with tweezers or a tick pen.

3. Keep track of the environment you are in, high grass, humidity.

4. use some form of protection, see what protection we offer here

In the past, people were taught to pull the tick out counterclockwise, or apply nail polish or oil to block the airways.
There is usually a mess with these variants, which can increase possible infection.

So how do you remove a tick?

Using tweezers or tick remover, grab the tick as close to the skin as possible.

Pull the tick straight out with a firm grip without jerking. Check that the whole is included.

After a while, a redness around the bite may appear (inflammation) which should disappear within a week.

If it persists and the redness does not go away, contact a veterinarian for advice.