Is your cat active?

Are you activating your cat enough?

Cats are predators and need an active life to thrive!
Outdoor cats are mostly self-exercising, but indoor cats may need activation and exercise.
stimulation to express their natural behaviors, such as hunting, scratching and climbing.
Many under-stimulated cats are at risk of becoming overweight, which can lead to heart disease.
cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, joint diseases, etc. To prevent this, much depends on
diet, but there are other important factors at play. Activation is a major one.
A healthy and nutritious diet and an active lifestyle reduce the risk of disease.
drastically, even the mental health of your cat improves.
If you’ve noticed that your cat seems bored and tired, it could be due to under-stimulation.
An indoor cat can easily become passive and inactive by staying indoors all day, but it is easier to
than you think you can solve, all you need is a little imagination.
To help you get started, here are two top tips for great activities to do.
together with your cat.
Examples of good nutrition from Majstor can be found here

Activation toys

Get some active toys that stimulate both body and mind.
There is everything from educational toys that develop mental skills, to
fun games and balls you can hide goodies in. Small undemanding things for you can
make a big difference for your cat and its well-being

examples of simple and affordable activation toys can be found here

Everyday challenges
Cats have natural hunting instincts, and for an indoor cat these can be difficult to control.
outlet in a natural way. As a caretaker, you can stimulate these instincts by
for example, to change the location of the cat’s food bowl, so it becomes a small daily routine.
challenge for the cat to ‘hunt’ for its food. Hiding goodies in tricky places is
also an excellent tip.
An enriched environment is a good environment!


Playing and being active not only leads to a happy and content cat, but also to a stronger bond with your cat.
and who doesn’t want to have the best possible relationship with their partner?
In short, we should all activate our small pets so that they can live as healthy and happy a life as possible.
enriching life as possible!