Popular dog parks in our biggest cities

Now that the heat is here, it’s finally time for some great playtime, without the rain! Motion
and play, business and pleasure, the perfect combination for a healthy lifestyle!

Below we list 5 outstanding dog parks for you and your furry friend in the Gothenburg area:

1. the Castle Forest
Slottsskogen is not only cozy to walk around in, but also has two lovely
dog parks. The farms are located at Slottskogen/Majvallen and are divided into two parts.
enclosures, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs. It is gravel and the surface is
of 2000 square meters.
2. Hildedalsgatan
Hildedalsgatan is a perfect playground to get active during the spring months! It is located
right next to a forest area and consists of a 1700 square meter grass area.
3. Hinsholmskilen
If you want to cool off with a swim between play sessions, the picnic area at Hinsholmskilen is
excellent! The farm is located right next to Hinsholmen harbor and is about 1750 square meters in size.
The park is made up of agility courses of varying degrees of difficulty and is ultimate for those who want to…
get some extra exercise!
4. Keillers park
Keillers Park is a cozy choice for both long walks and playtime. The dog park
is located at the northern end of the park and is about 2000 square meters in size.
Here your four-legged friend has the opportunity to play in a varied environment as the park consists of
both gravel surfaces and rocks to climb. If you’re not a fan of the sun, Keiller’s park is the
a good choice as most of the park is obscured by trees.
5. Positive Park
Does your four-legged friend enjoy playing with other dogs of the same size?
Then the Positive Park is perfect! The yard is divided into two parts, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs.
for larger dogs where both yards have a grass surface.

Below we list 5 great dog parks in the Stockholm area:

1. Långholmen’s rock pool
Långholmen’s rock pool is not a fenced area, but your dog can swim and move around.
free without a leash. It’s a great place during the summer months when you want to have the
the opportunity to cool off. If you are hungry for coffee between dips, Långholmen’s
dog-friendly café close by.
2. tanto grove
Tantolunden is located in Södermalm and is a large recreational garden located on a hill with a
forest area around it. It consists of both grass and stones and has a small shed where you can
can protect themselves from rain and debris.
3. Tollare, at Sockenvägen
The Tollare dog park has a surface area of about 900 square meters and is located in a large nature reserve in the
Nacka. Here your dog can enjoy an open area surrounded by trees and hills. Are you
interested in agility, there are also some agility tools you can use.
4. Vitabergsparkens dog park
Do you live in central Stockholm? Then the Vitabergsparken dog park is close and good! It is a
large and airy playground with good sand/gravel surface, some rocky areas and some grass.
5. Kronoberg Park
Kronobergsparken is divided into two different enclosures, one for smaller dogs and one for larger dogs.
dogs. The park itself is also very pleasant to stroll around in the spring months.

Below we list 5 nice dog parks in the Malmö area:

1. Gyllin’s garden
If you and your four-legged friend enjoy nature, the Gyllin Garden dog park is perfect! The farm
is secluded and almost a bit hidden, so it requires a cozy walk in the beautiful nature.
the garden offers to get there.
2. remonthagen
Remonthagen is a small dog park that is secluded with well-preserved nature and beautiful trees.
walking paths all around. If you want to take a nice long walk with a stop for fun and games.
Remonthagen is a great choice!
3. Mellanhed Park
The dog park is divided into two parts, one for larger and one for smaller dogs. The farms are
big enough to throw a ball and run around in, and also includes tunnels and obstacles. While your
there are many benches and trees where you can sit and rest your legs.
4. Ribersborg dog park
The Ribersborg dog park is a very popular and pleasant rest area with a nice environment.
and beautiful views of the sea. The rest area includes a large grassy area for dog bones with
a lot of jumping in. Sea baths are available for the daring pooch who needs to cool off.
5. Stadium Park East
A very nice walking area with alternating greenery that includes a spacious
exercise yard where dogs can run and play!

Good luck!