About dog and cat allergens

Allergy food for dogs and cats

Majstor is a Swedish manufacturer of allergy food for dogs and cats. Our food is of high quality as we use only good and natural ingredients and ensure that the dog food is completely free of artificial additives. Because only the best is good enough for your four-legged friend.

Our dog food and cat food is designed to counteract problems caused by food intolerance in dogs by excluding known allergens in the food such as wheat, soy, eggs and dairy products. Majstor dog food and cat food contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your dog and cat need. All meat content is food grade, so it contains meat that humans could also eat.

What makes our feed hypoallergenic?

Majstor’s dog food and cat food contains no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors to ensure that the dog food and cat food is as natural and good as possible. The food also does not contain any nutrients that have been shown in clinical tests to cause skin problems in dogs. Foods that have been shown to cause allergies in dogs include eggs, beef, pork, wheat and dairy products.

The dog food and cat food are also free of antibiotics, no animals used for the meat content of the food are raised on antibiotics. Majstor’s feed contains only food grade meat, i.e. human grade meat.

As a bonus – in addition to being low-allergenic – it has other benefits for your dog:

  • It is good for the coat thanks to the combination of ingredients in the feed and added vitamin E,
    Omega 6 and Omega 3.
  • Good for your dog’s teeth, green tea contains fluoride, cranberry juice contains antioxidants that prevent bacteria from settling in gums and teeth.
  • Good for the urinary tract, cranberries are thought to lower the pH of urine and make it harder for bacteria to take hold.
  • Good for the gastrointestinal tract, inulin from chickpea root promotes the absorption of minerals and nutrients.
  • increases the concentration of calcium and magnesium in the gut.


Does my dog or cat have a food allergy?

Unfortunately, there are no blood tests or other tests to find out if your dog or cat has developed a food allergy, instead you have to go by the symptoms. Allergy in dogs manifests itself as a skin disease, the most common symptom in dogs that develop allergies is itching in areas such as the skin. face, ears and groin, also recurrent ear infections, problems with the stomach and intestines, as well as stomach and intestinal problems can be caused by allergies.

Also in cats, food allergy manifests itself as skin problems, the most common symptom for cats with food allergy is itching and other skin conditions, usually localized on the cat’s head or neck. Also, problems such as vomiting, diarrhea and panting can occur separately or together with itching and other skin conditions in cats with food allergies.

Elimination diet – try a different feed

If you suspect that your dog or cat has developed a food allergy, after ruling out other causes of the problem such as parasites or skin infections, you can try an elimination diet in consultation with a vet.

In an elimination diet for dogs, the dog is fed a special diet for about two months. Then the dog is allowed to eat its normal diet again, if the dog’s symptoms got better while it was on the special diet, and then worse again on its normal diet, then it can be concluded that the dog was allergic to something in its normal diet.

Majstor’s dog food normally contains only one animal ingredient, which makes it suitable for use as an exclusion diet because you can exclude other animal ingredients that your dog normally eats. Test this in consultation with your vet.

Even in the case of a suspected food allergy in cats, an elimination diet can be tested where the cat is only allowed to eat protein and carbohydrate sources for a period of time that it has not previously consumed through its normal diet.

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