About Majstor

Hey, hey, hey, hey,

gabrielMy name is Gabriel Popov. In my 20 years in the feed industry, I have had the privilege of meeting so many caring animal owners and responsible breeders. People who, in different ways, have inspired me to develop my very own product line – Majstor.

The focus is on producing high quality & nutritious food from natural and pure ingredients. With only a pinch of love and passion added, Majstor is fully adapted for man’s two most beloved pets – Dogs & Cats.

Majstor – when natural is good enough!

Majstor is sold and marketed in Sweden by MaxiPet AB.

In addition to food, Majstor provides a group of niche products – preferably a bit different, always healthy and playing an important role in making your dog or cat feel the best and enjoy life.

These include beds, skin and fur care and cat litter.

Always with the animal’s best interests in mind.