Name of dogLuna
Name of matIda Eriksson

What is your favorite activity?

Running around in the forest with my friends or family.

Do you have any special tricks?

I can spin and stand on two legs!

What feed do you eat?

Small breed lamb & rice but occasionally my mom luxuriates with wet food and then I prefer veggie, but everything I have tried in terms of food from Majstor is so good that it is difficult to choose a favorite.

What are your top three favorites at majstor?

Can I only choose 3?! If I have to choose three, that’s it:

  1. Dry food (lamb & rice) – partly because they contain good ingredients with high nutritional content and are a great value for money.
  2. Wet food veggie – I jump for joy when my mom brings it out!
  3. Deer rolls – there are no better chewing bones than these?

Would also like to give a shout out to the pins! Both the nourishing and the protective paw pins, it kept my pads soft and moisturized despite the winter weather.