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Majstor Maize Straw Cat litter 10l

Unlike regular cat litter, Corn Straw is made from corn – which has undergone a patented process to compress naturally absorbent corn into concentrated granules. This means that well-formed clumps form immediately when your cat uses the box, and the corn granules quickly encapsulate the smell – so you can easily keep the litter box fresh and keep your cat happy. Can be composted


Natural cat litter
Organic eco-friendly vegetable cat litter, made from biodegradable corn granules.
Can be composted.
Absorbs liquid and forms soft lumps.
Very affordable.
Eco-friendly cat litter.
No bentonite.
No silica.


Clumps quickly, stops odors, chemical-free, clay-free.

Color: Yellow

Cleaning instructions:
Pick up and discard solid lumps daily. Top up with new bedding to maintain the same amount. Replace all bedding once a month, or as needed.

We give your cat the cleanest and tastiest meal without compromising on quality.

Shop for discounted cat kits in the size that suits you.

Our feeds contain only one animal raw material unless otherwise stated. This means the food is easily digestible and ideal for cats that are prone to digestive problems.


Give your cat a try!

Understandable recipes

Always short and clean recipes that are healthy and unique.

Love & passion as the only additive

Of course, completely free of unnecessary additives.

An animal raw material

Unless otherwise stated, we always use an animal-based raw material.


Sensitive stomachs

A short recipe with high digestibility. We exclude ingredients that are commonly used by allergy sufferers.

Boosting the coat

The combination of the ingredients in the feed and additionally added vitamin E, Omega6, Omega3 gives the coat a natural boost.

Tasty & healthy

Always nutritious, natural and high quality ingredients. For a long, healthy and happy life.

Wet food Turkey & Vegetables á 200g

With only turkey meat, you can be sure you’re giving your cat something it will love.

With 60% meat, you offer a natural low-allergy recipe that is both healthy and delicious.



60% turkey meat and meat by-products, 4% pea, 2% tomato, 2% cassava, 2% potato, 1% minerals, 0.1% cranberry extract, 0.1% yucca extract, 0.1% sunflower oil, 0.1% flaxseed oil.


Protein 10.8%, fat 6.4%, ash 2.4%, fiber 0.4%, water 79%, magnesium 0.03%.


Vitamins and minerals including taurine 1500mg.

ME: 130 kcals / 100g
NFE: 1

Feeding table

Cat weight (kg)Indoor cat
Neutered cat (g / day)
Active cat (g / day)
3107 – 154206
3,5118 – 171228
4130 – 187249
4,5140 – 202270
5150 – 217289
6170 – 245327
7189 – 272363
8206 – 297397

This table is to be seen as a guide, the donor may vary depending on the dog’s physical status, genetics, age etc. Always have access to fresh water.

Wet food Game & Vegetables á 200g

Tasty mix of venison, wild boar, deer (varying mix depending on season and availability) offers you a natural low-allergy recipe with healthy fiber in the form of vegetables as the only addition. Of course, all the vitamins and minerals your cat needs.



60% game meat and meat by-products, 4% pea, 2% tomato, 2% cassava, 2% potato, 1% minerals, 0,1% cranberry extract, 0,1% yucca extract, 0,1% sunflower oil, 0,1% linseed oil.


10.5% protein, 6.7% fat, 2.4% ash, 0.4% fiber, 79% water.

NFE: 1

Feeding table

Cat weight (kg)Indoor cat
Neutered cat (g / day)
Active cat (g / day)
3 110 – 160200
3,5120 – 175225
4130 – 190250
4,5140 – 200265
5150 – 220285
6170 – 250320
7190 – 275360
8210 – 300390

This table is to be seen as a guide, the donor may vary depending on the dog’s physical status, genetics, age etc. Always have access to fresh water.

Only what is stated in the title

When we write e.g. Veal & Duck on the packaging, it is not only the flavor but also the content. Now you know exactly what you are serving.

Extra taurine

Taurine is a vital amino acid that cats can’t produce on their own but get it from animal products. A lack of taurine can have devastating consequences such as blindness and heart disease. That’s why we also add extra taurine to help your cat feel its best.

Tasty & healthy

You can’t say it too often. Short & clean recipes with 100% antibiotic-free, human-grade meat.

What do customers think?

  • En ung man med fluffigt hår och stort leende introducerade Majstor för oss på en hundutställning. Provexemplar och broschyrer skickades med hem. Vi bestämde oss för att prova, och wow vilket resultat! Lisa har alltid försökt äta allt som kommit i hennes väg både utomhus och inomhus, efter bytet till majstor slutade hon med detta, pälsen blev finare och man märker tydligt att hon mår bättre. Vid kontakt med Majstor har jag fått handskrivet brev och fantastiskt bemötande, tack för allt!

    Jessica Fält Avatar Jessica Fält

    Mina hundar älskar era produkter <3

    Maria Ivarson Avatar Maria Ivarson

    Jag har haft svårt att hitta ett bra foder till min prazsky. För 1,5 år sedan provade jag Majstor Lamm & Ris, och det fungerade perfekt � Tira har fått en tätare och glansigare päls samt att hennes mage mår bra. Extra bra blev det när de började sälja small breed samt 6 kg-säckar � Perfekt för oss med små hundar �

    Maria Lilja Avatar Maria Lilja
  • positive review  Bra produkter och snabb leverans! Katten gillar både maten och sanden 👍🏼

    Fredrika Thuresson Avatar Fredrika Thuresson

    positive review  Bytt foder tre ggr. till min hund som haft hudproblem, och efter sista bytet till Majstor torrfoder Anka & ris så har är problemet borta. Även min andra hund har fått finare päls och bättre hull av fodret.

    Marianne Kjellkvist Avatar Marianne Kjellkvist

    Superbra produkter och kundservice ��

    Emma Johansson Avatar Emma Johansson
  • positive review  Jätte nöjd vovve 🐕! Snabb leverans.

    Mimmi Dahlberg Avatar Mimmi Dahlberg

    positive review  Bästa kattsanden som finns. Dammar inte och luktar inte särskilt mycket.

    Emelie Heie Avatar Emelie Heie

    positive review  Bäst och snabba leveranser!

    Anna Berg Avatar Anna Berg

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