Majstor Freeze-Dried Duck Breast 150g

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Freeze-dried Duck – perfect for giving your four-legged friend extra energy, using as a flavor enhancer or when you’re going on a trip.

Freeze-dried means that the water is removed from the product, thus retaining the nutrition and flavor.

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Need an easily digestible protein supplement for your dog?

Purely healthy and delicious with a whopping 91% protein.
Instead of increasing the amount of feed, add a few pieces to the bowl to increase the protein content.

Give as a treat right after a workout or toss a few pieces into a bowl of water.
Giving a few pieces in a bowl of water can have its benefits for dogs that drink little.
You can be sure that Gibson will chase the pieces and try to slurp them up 🙂

Perfect for carrying in your backpack on your hike.

Perfect for you as a barfather when you are going on a few days vacation as an alternative to fresh meat.

Nutritional value: Kcal 423/ 100g

Crude protein 91%
Crude fat 6.5
Crude ash 5.2
Moisture 0.5%.
Plant thread 0.3%

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