Majstor Eko Ear Wash 150ml

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Majstor Eko Ear Wash is used for preventive purposes in dogs and cats. Gentle on the ears while cleaning and smelling pleasantly. Relieves itching and irritation.

Instructions for use

1. Wipe up any dirt in the outer ear if necessary.
2. Drip Cornstarch ear wash into the ear so it becomes moist.
3. Massage the ear for a while.
4. Let the dog/cat shake out the liquid.
5. dry up. Repeat the procedure if necessary.


Calendula water ( calendula-aqua) aloe vera ( aloe barbadensis)
Preservatives (phenoxyethanol)
Auxiliary preservative (ethylhexylglycerine),
Lemon eucalyptus (limoneucalyptus) lavender (lavendula)

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