Majstor Eko Shampoo 2.7 liters

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When only natural is good enough for your dog

Majstor Shampoo is a natural organic lathering shampoo for dogs, cats and other furry animals. Mild and gentle on both skin and fur, and on the environment.

Completely free of polyethylene glycol (PEG) mineral oils and parabens (preservatives).

The oil remover PEG in shampoo is known to be harmful to the immune system and potentially carcinogenic.

The content is entirely based on organic ingredients from nature – heather, lavender, rosemary and thyme.


  • Organic ingredients – heather, lavender, rosemary and thyme.
  • Excellent lather, for easier shampooing.
  • Superb investigative power.
  • Gentle on skin and fur.
  • Cleans without drying out.
  • The fragrance blend repels unwelcome bugs.
  • Gentle on nature.

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