Nourishing Paw Stick 17ml

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Soft paws make your legs tingle

Majstor’s caring Paw Pin for Paws lubricates and softens dry and sensitive pads. The handy pin is extra nurturing – moisturizing and preventing skin cracks. Perfect to use as a routine to apply after a long walk. Whatever the surface and whatever the weather. Also protects against road salt and ice formation between the toes.

Majstor’s nurturing Paw Pins are made in Sweden.



Marigold is considered to have a healing effect and has been used since ancient times. Can act as an anti-inflammatory and help in the healing of small wounds, itching and eczema, etc.

Beeswax repels cold and water, protects against the weather, soothes irritated skin and has some antibiotic properties. Locally grown in Sweden.

Shea butter has been used for thousands of years as a lubricant and protection against dehydration. Very popular in today’s natural skin care products for humans. Prevents dry and cracked skin.

Rosemary helps to stimulate blood circulation and has an invigorating effect, and can also have an anti-fungal and anti-bacterial effect.

Thyme can have an antiseptic and antioxidant effect; in the past, thyme was widely used to dress wounds.

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