Raincoat Bristol Navy Blue

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Stylish rain cover from Amiplay,

In the color navy-blue

A rain cover protects from rain and moisture in fur. During winter, you wear the quilt on top of a warming garment and spring, fall.

Waterproof material with Velcro under the belly and chest ensures a snug fit.

See picture how to measure the size.
G= back length
B= neck circumference
D= chest circumference

As reference dogs

23 cm Chihuahua 23 [g] x 22-34 [w] x 26-42 [d] cm

27 cm Yorkshire Terrier 27 [l] x 24-36 [w] x 28-48 [d] cm

32 cm Maltese 32 [g] x 26-40 [w] x 32-57 [d] cm

38 cm Miniature Schnauzer 38 [g] x 30-46 [w] x 36-66 [d] cm

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23CM, 27CM, 32CM, 38CM, 48CM, 58CM