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My best friend

The sound of eager paws slapping the floor in the morning. A wet lick that says: “Hey I’m awake now, is it time for breakfast?”.

The disappointment when you go to work. And the equal happiness when you get back home. Tail wagging so that the whole dog moves. But also the company down at your feet when you’ve settled down on the sofa. The calm and fatigue that comes to you almost simultaneously. The day begins and ends.


There is a special bond between dog owner and dog. So deep that the word owner doesn’t really fit. You know each other’s routines, moods and eating habits. You comfort, scold and are happy together. Just like any other family member.

And just like a family member, dogs also need love, sleep, exercise and a good diet.

Their stomachs are actually not so different from ours. It can also cause stomach pains and make the body feel weak if it is not properly nourished.

You probably know how it feels when you’ve eaten less food, you get through the day but not with the same energy.

You decide what your dog eats. Therefore, you should set high standards for your dog’s food and always check the list of ingredients to see what it actually contains.

The type of meat in the feed is usually indicated on the front. But if you turn the packaging around, the contents are often something else.

Learn to understand the table of contents

When you read the back of a food package, it can easily feel like a jungle of long recipes and unrecognizable substances. So we thought we’d go through some commonly used ingredients and find out how they affect your dog.

Keep an eye out for

Meat – Avoid feed that does not specify the type of meat it contains.

Meat content – Preferably at least 50% in wet feed and at least 30% in dry feed.

Chicken, pork, beef, fish – Studies show that meat from these animals is common in allergy contexts. Many foods are based on these ingredients and therefore many dogs have developed a hypersensitivity to any of them.

Animal fat, minced meat, meat meal – It is common for these ingredients to come from an animal other than the actual meat specified in the declaration. It is important to know which animal fat
or which meat pulp/meat meal?
If your dog were to develop a food allergy to these ingredients, it would complicate any veterinary investigation, more suffering, more return visits and a flat wallet.

Wheat – Cereal is a typical filler often found in the cheaper brands. It is not necessarily bad for the dog but gluten (wheat protein) can trigger an allergic reaction in some dogs.

Eggs – This is the optimal protein but is often used to increase the protein content of feed. Always check that the egg is cooked in fresh food, for example

Soy, corn – Both soy and corn are classic ingredients commonly used in cheaper feeds.

Rice – The best carbohydrate for dogs. Unlike wheat, rice can be more easily digested and gentler on the stomach.

Milk – Avoid all types of dairy products as these can make your dog’s stomach loose.

So what is a good food for a pet dog?

Of course, what’s best for your dog depends on a variety of factors such as breed, size, activity and taste. However, there are a few general guidelines that are good to look for when choosing feed.

  • Meat from one type of animal
  • Short recipes
  • Natural raw materials
  • An easily digestible content
  • Whole food (contains all the essential vitamins and minerals your dog needs)
  • Taurine (a vital amino acid that dogs sometimes don’t make enough of themselves)

Once you find a food that seems good, the best test is to order some home and see what your dog thinks. Some good signs to look out for are; an increased appetite, more shine to the coat and a firmer stool. Does it feel right?


Try smelling the dog food. Good food usually smells like real meat and does not have the classic dog food smell.

Food from a family that loves dogs

You’re probably wondering who we are and why we like to talk dog food?

Majstor is a family business from Gothenburg that has been working with dog food for over 20 years.

Our goal has always been to create a really good and healthy food, which can make any dog look at the kitchen cupboard for a long time and, above all, feel good, be fit, alert and live a long life.

In our eyes the dog is a member of the family, we want to give the dog just like you! the best possible

The basis is always short recipes that are easy for dog owners to understand, food grade meat and natural ingredients. With all the minerals and vitamins your dog needs to be at its best.

Give your dog a healthy and wholesome diet!

As a thank you for taking the time to learn more about good food, we would like to offer a 30% discount on our “eager eater” package. We hope and believe that this will appeal to you and your four-legged family member.
If you have any questions or doubts, you are always welcome to give us a call.

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This is an article about food adapted for pet dogs, by Gabriel Popov, CEO & founder of Majstor.
This information is based on our 20+ years in the dog food business and is not necessarily right for all dogs. The best thing to do is to start with your own dog’s needs and health and try out what is right for you and your dog.

Gabriel Popov