Corn sized food bowl beige clay

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The bowl is turned from stoneware clay,

Size M is 18cm in diameter and about 6cm high.
Size S is 14cm in diameter and about 5cm high.
Size XS is 11cm in diameter and about 4cm high.

Each bowl is unique as it is turned one by one, kneading and weighing the clay to get the desired size.

For example, the size M food bowl requires about 1.5 kg of clay.

Shortly after the turn, they get the logo. The next day, the underside is scooped out and given a foot ring.
It is then left to dry out for a few days.

The bowl is fired in two rounds, first without glaze and then with glaze. This gives the bowl a durable surface.
The bowl is dishwasher and microwave safe.


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M, S, XS